Intense physical training programs place significantly higher nutritional demands on sports people. These increased needs are frequently not met through diet alone and supplements are an excellent method of overcoming noted deficits. Complications such as muscle soreness and oxidative stress, that are often experienced by athletes, can also be reduced through the right supplementation.

Science continues to uncover naturally occurring compounds in foods that, at the right dose, can substantially improve the outcomes achieved from training.  IsoWhey Sports aim to represent an essential and beneficial component of any training regimen, providing researched, concentrated nutrition to ensure optimal perfor?mance. Our team of qualified healthcare practitioners and clinical nutrition specialists have designed a cutting edge range of products based on years of scientific research and experience.

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For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, age-grouper or Saturday morning enthusiast, we know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best – and we’re passionate about helping you get there.

Our goal is simple, but achieving it is anything but. As an industry leader in high-performance road, time-trial and triathlon bicycles — and with the launch of the C Series, in the endurance category, too — Cervélo takes an engineering-driven approach to performance: Define and measure, build, then test and refine.

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 “We want to see more happy Shimano Bicyclists” – was the mission statement given to us by then President of Shimano Inc., Yoshizo Shimano, on the occasion of his visit to Australia in 1992 inaugurating the formation of Shimano Australia Pty. Ltd. With a team of passionate and dedicated cyclists, Shimano Australia has been working to achieve this dream.

An established and integral part of world wide Team Shimano, we are dedicated to achieving a “world’s best practice” standard that matches the “world’s best bicycle components” – Shimano!

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scody-large-stacked-logoScody Australia are long supporters of Australian cycling having been a major sponsor of the National Road Series and National Championships for may years. They now support Australia’s number one continental team…US!

Never content to rest on their laurels Scody constantly look to improve and update their range to ensure the range is cutting edge whilst still remaining affordable and comfortable. Made in Australia too!

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Red Pioneer - no background

For athletes who chase the ideal! A power meter which offers unrivaled levels of interaction and data designed to allow riders to measure and analyze their performance to become their best.

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KASK’s mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. KASK is constantly researching and looking for ways to go beyond and improve the quality of KASK helmets even further. Now among the top brands in the sports and outdoors, KASK is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production in order to ensure the highest quality and offer the best protective helmets for the most demanding customers.

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At FTP Training we provide Athletes with fully personalised training programs that will improve performance. FTP Training provides cutting edge sports science support, along with the most up to date training methodologies possible which are incorporated into down to earth training programs that will work with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our overall goal is to help you achieve your personal best and increase your performance in Road, MTB or Track cycling. At FTP Training we don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk.

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Our training system creates structured training plans that are tailored to the individual.

Avanti Racing Team utilises Today’s Plan’s workout builder and analytics tools to manage each rider’s training load and as a team ensure riders are at their peak without over training. Today’s Plan will make improvement a reality
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You will find SCHWALBE bike tires in the USA, in South Africa as well as in Japan and Australia. In Europe, we are even the market leader! There are two reasons for this success.

Firstly, we are “tire fanatics” and 100% committed to bikes as well as, for several years now, to wheelchairs.

Secondly, our tires are not available everywhere, but exclusively from specialist shops! Because we insist on qualified advice and good service.

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the watts factory

“At the Watts Factory in everything we do we believe in challenging the status Quo – we believe in thinking differently and we believe in making a difference in your life.

We will leave no stone unturned or avenue untravelled to unlock your ultimate performance. The Watts Factory can provide you with the latest power related tools and products and the support necessary to make your goals a reality.”

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Getting the right fit is the most important factor in ensuring that you are comfortable on the bike, optimise your performance and minimise the risk of injury. It can also be one of the hardest things to achieve and just as crucial for occasional riders as it is for elite athletes in ensuring riding is rewarding and enjoyable.

Biomechanical analysis technologies provide detailed information about human movement. Our range of kinematic (3D and 2D motion analysis) and kinetic (saddle and plantar pressure measurement) biomechanical analysis systems rivals the world’s best bike fitting studios. This suite of technologies allows us to have a level of understanding of your position on the bike and interaction with key contact points not otherwise available.

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BBB was created in 1999, in the Netherlands, by two passionate cyclists; Chris Koppert and Frank Moons.  They had a vision of creating a value for money aftermarket component manufacturing company for their beloved bicycle industry.  Since then, this vision has expanded to 40 countries, 40 categories of bicycles products and over 1500 unique products.
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Morgan Blue started in 1994 when Nick Vandecauter, a former mechanic for Team lotto asked Morgan oils to produce products for the bicycle industry. Today more than 60% of the chains in the Pro Peloton are turn with Morgan Blue oil on it. If you want the best lubricants and cleaning products used by more Pro Teams than any other brand get Morgan Blue!
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