Earle Puts On A Clinic In Canberra

Huon Salmon Genesys Pro Cycling’s Nathan Earle took the tour win in the most emphatic way winning the final stage in a two up sprint over Sam Horgan (Budget).

The mornings stage went largely to plan with the boys controlling the peloton well allowing a small non-threatening break to go clear and then riding tempo on the front with no need to bring them back. Suprisingly the sprinters teams didn’t switch on to this and failed to take up the chase until it was far too late and the break survived with Mark Jamieson taking the win.

The afternoon’s final stage was on a tough criterium course wedged between old and new parliament house. 50 laps of the 1km circuit which was essentially a stretched hot dog course on a hill. Despite leading the race we decided to be aggressive and just follow moves as defending wasn’t really necessary unless we allowed the wrong people to go up the road unchecked. Nathan looked good right from the start and was prominent in a number of early moves before he ended up off the front with Sam Horgan and Blair Windsor (Budget).

The three built a maximum advantage of 22 seconds and with less than half the distance to travel the peloton lead by GPM Racing and Euride started to chase hard. The gap started to fall slowly but not fast enough and a strong acceleration by Nathan ended Windor’s day with only Horgan able to respond as the gap edged back out again. Back in the peleton the boys played the game well protecting Nathan as much as possible while in the break it was nearing the business end so Nathan decided to test Horgan with a number of hard accelerations on the climb but he held fast and it became clear that it would be a sprint between the two. On the bell lap Nathan lead but managed to work Horgan to to the front on the decent and then jump past to easily take the victory and seal the tour win.

Jack Haig took second overall and won the best young rider jersey while Nathan took yellow and sprint jersey to add to his collection. Jai finished 4th overall and the boys won the teams classification and extend their lead in the National Series.


Team Classification Winners

Stage 4 Result

rank no. rider (team) time/gap bonus
1. 1 Nathan EARLE (HGP) 1h07:55 11
2. 12 Samuel HORGAN (BFL) +0 12
3. 71 Scott LAW (GPM) +5 2
4. 3 Anthony GIACOPPO (HGP) +5 1
5. 51 Jayden COPP (PTD) +5 3
6. 205 Luke CRIDLAND (GBC) +5
7. 6 Jack BECKINSALE (HGP) +5  
8. 121 Cameron IVORY (PIC) +5
9. 103 Brendan JOHNSTON (SZB) +5
10. 34 Alistair DONOHOE (STR) +5

General Classification (Final Result)

rank no. rider (team) time/gap
1. 1 Nathan EARLE (HGP) 6h26:20
2. 2 Jack HAIG (HGP) +1:31
3. 211 Brodie TALBOT (RCH) +1:48
4. 5 Jai CRAWFORD (HGP) +2:16
5. 11 Jack ANDERSON (BFL) +2:36
6. 197 Nathan ELLIOTT (VKA) +2:54
7. 12 Samuel HORGAN (BFL) +2:59
8. 81 Jordan DAVIES (SKO) +3:22
9. 51 Jayden COPP (PTD) +3:33
10. 207 Timothy CAMERON (GBC) +3:43



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