Diary – Tour Of Borneo Stage Three – Another Bunch Kick

An interesting day today with a strong wind helping to mix up what was a fairly undulating course. The Tabriz Petro Chemicals Team had the race firmly under control right up until the last 10km when all hell broke loose and attacks were firing off left right and centre.

Nathan punctured twice. The first time at the base of the Cat 4 climb. He was quickly given a wheel by Sam who then had to endure an agonizing wait for neutral spares. After reseting his own wheel and tightening the skewer he had a mad chase for about 10km but eventually made it back to the front group. Nathan’s second puncture was just as the attacks started at 10km to go and was made worse by the strong cross winds. He was back up and running quickly after a swift change from Hurls and made his way through the convoy and back to the front in good shape.

The boys were active in following the serious moves but in the end it came down to a battle of the sprinters again with Harrif Sellah (TSG) taking the win. Tomorrow is “D Day” as the two Cat 1 climbs will definitely shape GC. The lads are all on song and itching to race so we will give it a decent nudge as see what happens. Oh and Happy Birthday to Sam Davis, we’ll try and find him a fish cake or something from the dodgy markets down the road.


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