A Fairly Static Day Despite Half the Field Losing Out – Tour Of Murray River

Not much of a headline but it’s pretty true. That said this is normally a race of seconds and we may well see the recently out of fashion bonus sprint battle of previous years re-ignited as teams struggle to find any tangible time gaps on the road. The morning criterium in rural Swan Hill saw half the field pulled after a big split managed to ride away. With all the teams represented there was no need to chase from behind and that was their day done. At the front of the race Kiwi Michael Vink riding for Budget Forklifts broke away solo but a late bridging attempt from big bad Joe Cooper set up a tantalising finale when he made contact. Tom Palmer from Drapac tried a bridging move of his own but couldn’t quite get there however a game of cat and mouse in the finish straight between the two leaders provided enough of a slowing for Palmer to join just in time to open his sprintĀ and he took a “Bradbryesk” win with the other two wondering what had just happened.

The afternoons stage three road race to Quambatook was raced at an average of 48km/h with winds playing havoc splintering the bunch into several chasing groups. At the frontĀ the intermediates were hotly contested and as the finish loomed it was last years victor Luke Davidson who took the sprint over yellow jersey and teammate Tom Palmer with AJ in third.

Stage 2 Result

rank no. rider (team) time/gap bonus
1. 36 Thomas PALMER (DPC) 47:01 6
2. 17 Michael VINK (BFL) +0 4
3. 3 Joseph COOPER (HGP) +0 2
4. 2 Anthony GIACOPPO (HGP) +4 1
5. 21 Alex EDMONDSON (ERD) +4
6. 35 Luke DAVISON (DPC) +4
7. 62 Jacob RESTALL (PTD) +7
8. 31 Darren LAPTHORNE (DPC) +7
9. 12 Samuel HORGAN (BFL) +7
10. 22 Harry CARPENTER (ERD) +7



Stage 3 Result

rank no. rider (team) time/gap bonus
1. 35 Luke DAVISON (DPC) 2h04:32 10
2. 36 Thomas PALMER (DPC) +0 5
3. 2 Anthony GIACOPPO (HGP) +0 5
4. 41 Shannon JOHNSON (CHM) +0 1
5. 28 Ryan MACANALLY (ERD) +0
6. 24 Robert MCCARTHY (ERD) +0
7. 13 Jesse KERRISON (BFL) +0 3
8. 81 Scott LAW (GPM) +0 1
9. 25 Russell GILL (ERD) +0
10. 21 Alex EDMONDSON (ERD) +0



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